Francois Boulangerie – Saiakoda

SOLD OUT! Christmas Special

"Brioche feuilletée"

A fluffy, indulgent, buttery sweet bread for a perfect end to your Christmas feast

Country loaf

"Pain de campagne"

Big, rustic sourdough with spelt and rye. The taste of the countryside.


"Baguette de tradition"

A real baguette bursting full of flavour. Not the white fluff from the supermarket.

Apricot & hazelnut loaf

"Pain aux fruits secs"

Wood-roasted hazelnuts, dried apricots and raisins inside. Great with cheese.

Baguette with seeds

"Baguette aux graines"

With 4 types of seeds, roasted in the wood oven for maximum taste and crunch.

Walnut loaf

"Pain aux noix"

Whole walnuts in a smaller country-style loaf. 


Pur beurre

Made over 3 days with the best imported butter and leavened with sourdough. Buttery, flaky heaven.

Pain au chocolat

aka "chocolatine"

Like a croissant with Belgian chocolate, my absolute favourite ever since I was a child.

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