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All breads are made with sourdough and freshly milled flour, kneaded entirely by hand and baked in a traditional wood-fired oven. I’m not aiming for big holes in the crumb, as that requires high gluten flour and intensive machine kneading. Instead, I prefer to use a more natural flour lower in gluten and fold the dough gently by hand to give it strength, so the bread comes out more digestible, flavoursome and nutritious. You’ll taste the difference at the first bite.

Country loaf

"Pain de campagne"

Big, rustic sourdough with spelt and rye. The taste of the countryside.


"Baguette de tradition"

A real baguette bursting full of flavour. Not the white fluff from the supermarket.

Walnut loaf

"Pain aux noix"

Whole walnuts in a smaller country-style loaf. 

Baguette with seeds

"Baguette aux graines"

With 4 types of seeds, roasted in the wood oven for maximum taste and crunch.


All our croissants and pastries are made with sourdough and the same fine ingredients as our regular breads. We create those flaky layers with the best “tourage” butter from France or Belgium (depending on availability), and a lot of it! The whole process takes no less than 3 days, with a long, slow fermentation. A true labour of love.


Pur beurre

Made over 3 days with the best imported butter and leavened with sourdough. Buttery, flaky heaven.

Pain au chocolat

aka "chocolatine"

Like a croissant with Belgian chocolate, my absolute favourite ever since I was a child.


Crunchy almond twist

Twisted croissant dough with roasted almonds, with a crunch to die for!


aka "coeur de France"

Caramelised, crunchy butter pastry with a luxurious hint of saffron. An old classic with a devilish crisp!

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