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Pain au chocolat


  • The croissant’s little brother with Belgian chocolate
  • Made with stoneground wheat and the highest quality imported butter for that authentic taste
  • 3-day fermentation with sourdough
  • Buttery flavour with the subtle complexity of the sourdough and a pleasant chocolatey sweetness

The same buttery layers as the croissant but a bit more naughty with that chocolate… Also called “chocolatine” in southwestern France.

♥ Traditionally eaten plain alongside a few croissants for breakfast, only needs a good cup of coffee next to it.


Additional information


Wheat flour, butter, water, milk, sourdough starter (wheat flour, rye flour, water), eggs, sugar, chocolate, yeast, sea salt.


Contains gluten.
Contains lactose (milk, butter) and eggs.
May contain traces of seeds and nuts.


All my flour is organic/öko, stoneground so it keeps the germ and some of the bran in it
for better health properties.

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