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Bread like in the old days.

Healthier, more nutritious, handmade with passion from stoneground organic flour and baked in a wood-fired oven.

My name is François.

My bread journey started as a child, learning how to shape loaves in my grandfather’s wood-fired bakery. It is now my turn to craft authentic, wholesome loaves and baguettes using the same traditional methods, the best organic ingredients, and all my passion for real bread.

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Wood-fired goodness

Like my grandfather and generations before him, I bake in a wood-fired oven, which gives a crispier crust and tastes better than any electric oven.

Every time I fire up my oven, early in the morning, I feel a connection to all the bakers who performed the same ritual for thousands of years. 

Better for you

I only use organic stoneground flour and grains which are freshly ground with a stone mill in the bakery.

This means that all the good stuff is kept in the flour: it’s healthier, more nutritious, and tastier.

Lower in gluten

All my bread is leavened with sourdough for 24 hours, which breaks down the gluten, brings complex aromas and keeps it fresher longer.

The dough is gently kneaded by hand, from wheat that is naturally lower in gluten

All this makes it easier to digest, like my ancestor’s daily bread for thousands of years.

How to order?

1. Choose your bread

In the webshop, add your loaves to the cart. Safe and easy payment with Estonian banklink.

2. Select a date

At checkout, decide on what day you want to pick up your order from the bakery.

3. Pick it up

Come get your bread from my little window at Härjapea 17, and enjoy your freshly baked goodies!

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